BOMIS® Professional Appraisers Coalition

We are a coalition of licensed by BOMIS® approved professional appraisers who deal with technical means and technical megacomplex appraisals. The advanced appraisal course focusing on machinery and technical specialities, which we have introduced, is the only one in Poland. We have passed a certification exam and got a license to conduct our professional appraisal activity under the BOMIS® brand. We constitute a multidisciplinary team of experts who came together due to a shared educational experience, the will to cooperate and to act according to the code of ethics when providing appraisal services. We guarantee to our clients: integrity, confidentiality and objectivity in the appraisals and expert opinions we give.

Common code of conduct

A licensed BOMIS® appraiser, a member of our Coalition
– acts in line with the BOMIS® Standard – regarding technical means and technical megacomplex appraisals,
– operates within the Code of Ethics of the BOMIS® Appraisers Coalition,
– is a holder of an annually renewed document – BOMIS® Professional Appraisers Coalition Member ID,
– is authorised to use a stamp with the BOMIS® brand,
– puts the BOMIS® logo on his/her marketing materials,
– contributes to the CRM.BOMIS® system using the IT application.


The idea and goals of the BOMIS® Professional Appraisers Coalition and what you can gain by joining us

The Member ID, stamp and identification

The BOMIS® Standard – regarding technical means and technical megacomplex appraisals

The Comments to the BOMIS® Standard

The Code of Ethics for the appraisers dealing with technical means and technical megacomplex

Main principles shared by our coalition members



Professional ethics